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At Consultus Lawyers, we respect your privacy and are committed to protecting any personal information you may provide to us during the use of our website.

We have adopted this Privacy Policy to provide you with detailed explanation of the type of information that may be collected on our website, how we use this information and under what circumstance(s) we may disclose such information to third parties.

It is however important to note that this privacy policy applies only to information we collect via our website.

This Privacy Policy set forth the general rules and policies governing your use of our website and it strictly complies with the standards set by the Data Protection Act of 2023 and the Regulations made pursuant to it.

We have a team of competent and dedicated staff who are saddled with the responsibility of ensuring at all times, the safety and integrity of your personal data which are in our possession and under our control.

Data Collection

We collect, process, transmit and use your personal data to enable us deliver the service that you seek. Your personal data also enable us to identify and recommend services which you might be interested in. We disclose the purposes of collecting your personal data at or prior to the point of collection of the data. There are instances where the purposes for which we collect your personal data are apparent and, under such circumstances, the purposes shall be deemed implied. Such instances may include, but not limited to, where the nature of the service requires disclosure of name, mobile number, address, email address and or details required to process a payment which is a condition precedent for delivery of the service that you requested.


Except otherwise required by law, your permission is a prerequisite to our collection, usage, transmission and disclosure of your data. It is solely within your discretion to volunteer or withhold any personal information from us. However, withholding some information may hinder the provision of the service requested by you or diminish its quality. We will not ask for your consent to collect, process, use, transmit and disclose your personal data, except same is relevant to the service requested by you.


We will only ask you to grant us consent to collect, process, use, transmit and disclose your personal data which are necessary for us to offer the service requested by you. We may obtain such data from you in person, over the telephone, via mail, facsimile, or the internet.

Limitation of Usage, Transmission, Disclosure and Retention of Data

Subject to the law for the time being in force in Nigeria, our usage, transmission and disclosure of your personal data shall be limited to the purpose for which same was collected, unless you vary your initial consent to accommodate another purpose. Your personal data shall be retained by us for such duration as is necessary to offer the service for which they were obtained. The nature of some services we render require that we transmit or disclose some of your personal data to third parties. By requesting such services, you expressly grant us consent to share such data with the parties and absolve us of any liability that a breach of such data by the third party may give rise to.

Accuracy of Personal Data

We shall store your personal data in manner that maintains its accuracy and completeness for the purpose for which it was obtained.

Safeguarding of Personal Data

In furtherance of our commitment to securing your personal data, we deploy contemporary and reliable technology and cybersecurity software to safeguard them from loss and unauthorised access, usage, processing, transmission or disclosure.

Cross-Border Transfer of Personal Data

We will not transfer your data beyond the shores of Nigeria without your consent. Such consent may be implied if the nature of service sought by you necessarily entails the disclosure and or transfer of such data to a foreign entity. Except expressly demanded by you, we will only share your data with a foreign entity in a jurisdiction whose minimum standard for the protection of data does not fall below what is obtainable in Nigeria.

Access to Information

You may submit a request for information on the existence, use, processing, transmission, duration of retention and disclosure of your personal data. We shall, upon such request, furnish you with the information sought. Note that your right to access the aforementioned information is subject to any applicable law for the time being in force in Nigeria, legal restrictions and or supervening right of a third party.

Use of Cookies

For optimum experience on our website, we use technologies like cookies and/or other similar files or programs which may place certain information on your computer’s hard drive when you visit our website.

Cookies are small files, often including unique identifiers that web servers send to browsers. These cookies and/or other similar files or programs, enable our servers to remember you, your preferences, and your habit online.

Cookies do not grant us access to your personal data unless you give the data to our server. A notification intimating you of our use of cookies with options for you to accept, modify or reject same will pop-up on your screen whenever you visit our website. Rejection of cookies may, however, inhibit optimum experience on our website.

Modification of Privacy Policy

We may modify this Privacy Policy, in whole or in part, whenever it becomes expedient. We shall notify you of such modification to avail you the opportunity to renew or withdraw your consent. However, withdrawal of consent may adversely affect your use of our website.


We have a robust complaint handling mechanism. Your queries, grievances or complaints about our Privacy Policy and a breach of any of your rights as guaranteed under Part VI of the Data Protection Act 2023, should be forwarded to us. This is without prejudice to your right to lodge such complaints with the Data Protection Commission.

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